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7 Gates Lounge


 ZOZO Co., Ltd., which operates the fashion e-commerce site ZOZOTOWN, is planning to expand its distribution base.



 Our clients want for ease of use, scalability and flexibility. To ensure this, we decided to divide our large one-room lounge into seven rooms, and install sofa seating along the walls. Sofa seating has the advantage of being more expandable, less cluttered, and easier to organize.



 The lounge is about 70 meters long and has an unusual horizontal flat shape. In order to make the best use of this, the arches between the lounges were inspired by the entrances to the Jomon ruins in Tsukuba, and the height of the arches was determined using the ceiling heights of each lounge. 


たくさんのスタッフがロッカー室や倉庫へ行くための動線として高い視認性、床の高い耐久性が必要になる横長形状の通路兼休憩室は、つくばにあるワイナリー、ワインカーブのアーチ天井から着想しTunnel Caveという名前をつけた。ここはあまり広くないところで、落ち着いて休憩したいスタッフ向きである。

 The lounge has high ceilings and is bright, making it a perfect place for staff to take a comfortable break. The name "Tunnel Cave" for the break room, which includes a longh pathway with a high, durable floor and high visibility to allow countless staff members to get to the locker rooms and the warehouse, was inspired by the vaulted ceiling of the Wine Curve winery in Tsukuba. It is a place for staff who want to take a quiet break. 



 In these lounges, working staff can relax in a space with real wood floors and plastered walls with large windows. Our large facility houses many staff members that work together all at once, so we set up a variety of flexible spaces to respond to their individuality, sensitivities, and ease of use needs.



 The lounge branded with "ZOZOBASE" chairs, "ZOZO" shaped flooring, and walls in the color of our corporate logo makes you unity with the ZOZO group; it is a place where you can increase your sense of solidarity among the other staffmembers.

7 Gates Lounge



用途/Principal use


建設地/Construction site

茨城県/Ibaraki Japan


床面積/Floor area


西松建設株式会社/Nishimatsu Contruction Co.,Ltd.


淺川敏/Satoshi Asakawa






tecture mag掲載


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