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Big Eaves Lounge
Lounge with big eaves


 This is the break lounge and office for Tsukuba Cityʼ s “ZOZOBASE,” the new distribution hub for ZOZO, Inc., which manages the fashion mail-order site “ZOZOTOWN.”


使いやすさ、拡張性、フレキシビリティを求められたこのラウンジは、3 つのエリアがある。天井高が6m でのびのびと休憩したい人のための公園のような『パークラウンジ』、天井高の低いルーバー下で落ち着いて休憩したい人のための『縁側ラウンジ』、売店の近くで他の2 つのラウンジと雰囲気が異なる『ダイニングカフェ』とスタッフが自由に選べる。

This lounge, which was designed to achieve usability, expandability, and flexibility contains three areas. The three areas which staff members can choose from include the “Park Lounge,” which has a 6 meter-high ceiling and provides an open space for rest and relaxation, the “Veranda Lounge,” designed for people who want calm, contained rest under a low, louvered ceiling, and the “Dining Cafe,” which is located near the shop and has an atmosphere that is distinct from the other two areas.



The “Veranda Lounge” with its louvered ceilings and concrete floors provides a clear visibility that allows the many staff members to move back and forth between the locker rooms and storage space, as well as an extremely durable floor.



 The “Park Lounge” has a vending machine, refrigerator, and microwave installed in the middle of the lounge. These pieces of equipment are often hidden away in the corner, but placing them in the middle means they are equidistant from any point in the room, increasing the efficiency of the space. These pieces of equipment are divided visually and functionally by being partitioned away with a structure that looks like a park fence. These fences were designed with the motif of textiles, which represent the apparel industry that ZOZO, Inc. is a part of, as well as the Yuki-Tsumugi Silk which is a specialty product of the local Ibaraki Prefecture. These motifs create a mysterious moire effect to the many people observing the lounge, with staff members disappearing and re-appearing as they enter and exit the partitioned area.



​ The large windows, which let in natural light, along with the wooden floors and real trees within the space create an organic, outdoorsy space where staff members used to working in an inorganic, window-less storage space can relax and rest.



In a large facility like this one, many staff members work in the same space at the same time. The diverse and flexible space allows accommodation for the individuality and sensibility for each staff member, as well as the shift in their mood, emotion, or the number of friends they are with. Within this diversity, the space also uses the same chairs and sofa seats marked with a “ZOZOBASE” branding to create the sense of belonging to an organization and solidarity with their own brand. In this modern age which embraces diversity in personality and beliefs, the space allows individuality while also creating a shared consciousness that every staff member is working for the same organization.

Big Eaves Lounge 
Lounge with big eaves



用途/Principal use

休憩ラウンジ、オフィス/Lounge, Office

建設地/Construction site

茨城県/Ibaraki Japan


床面積/Floor area


西松建設株式会社/Nishimatsu Contruction Co.,Ltd.


淺川敏/Satoshi Asakawa





模型写真/model photos

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