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Cooperate Lounge

ファッション通販サイト「ZOZOTOWN」を運営する株式会社ZOZOの、つくば市で3つ目となる物流拠点「ZOZOBASEつくば2」の休憩ラウンジ「Cooperate Lounge」である。これまでのZOZOBASEと同様に、使いやすさ、拡張性、フレキシビリティを求められた。

  ZOZO Co., Ltd., the owner of the fashion e-commerce site ZOZOTOWN, has opened its third distribution base in Tsukuba City at ZOZOBASE Tsukuba 2 called the “Cooperate Lounge” . As with previous ZOZOBASEs, this lounge focuses on high functionality, expandability, and flexibility.



  The lounge is divided into two main areas. When ZOZOTOWN staff enter the lounge, the first thing they’ ll see is the walkway. It is a calm and almost sacred atmosphere where employees can forget about work for a while and just relax. The walkway is so large that it is almost like a road. Tsukuba still has the blackboarded-fence streets that thrived with visitors to Mt. Tsukuba. We adopted a street-like design for this walkway and named it "Kaido Lounge" (Street Lounge) in the hope that ZOZO will prosper even more than ever.



  Parallel to the Kaido Lounge is a large one-room lounge. This is the main area where employees can take breaks and relax. The ceiling is made up of eight layers of wooden latticework placed in vertical and horizontal directions.


 この「Cooperate Lounge」では、ZOZO社のコーポレートカラーや天井の木、軒のLGSのような素材、椅子の脚やアームの線材が重なり合いながら全体を構成している。この様子は、スタッフが協力し合いながらZOZOBASEを支えている姿にも重なる。

  At the “Cooperate Lounge” , ZOZO's corporate colors, the wood from the ceiling, the light-gauge steelliked material of the eaves, and the wire material of the chair legs and arms overlap to form a whole. This intertwines with the way the employees cooperate with each other to support ZOZOBASE.


 これまでの「Big Eaves Lounge」や「7 Gates Lounge」、今回の「Cooperate Lounge」のように、たくさんのスタッフが働く施設において、スタッフの個性と多様性、使い勝手に応えつつ、ZOZOグループの一員としての一体感が得られ、同じグループで働くスタッフ同士の連帯感を高める意識させる建築のあり方を探った。

  Just like the “Big Eaves Lounge” and “7 Gates Lounge” , the “Cooperate Lounge” is a facility built that to accommodate the individuality, diversity and user-friendliness of employees. The “Cooperate Lounge” is a space that provides people with a sense of unity and a place that allows them to realize growing harmony as a member of the ZOZO Group. 

Cooperate Lounge



用途/Principal use


建設地/Construction site

茨城県/Ibaraki Japan


床面積/Floor area


西松建設株式会社/Nishimatsu Contruction Co.,Ltd.


淺川敏/Satoshi Asakawa


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